Marketing the Cyprus Island for its attraction methods & techniques in agro-tourism segment: A new challenge in Tourism

Eliodromitou, Aggeliki (2014)


This thesis study is developed under the lights of new challenge related to rural tourism sector in Cyprus. With the effects of emerging term attraction techniques from a Marketing perspective, agro tourism concept has found new implementation areas. The increasing demand on the tourism activities taking place in rural areas has lead the Cyprus government to find ways of benefiting from this tendency in a sustainable way. This study presents the depth and variety of agro-tourism practiced around the Cyprus island and covers aspects of the economic and organization of agro-tourism. Topics discussed include agricultural economics, rural development, marketing, rural policy, different products and services available and the characteristics of agro-tourists. Furthermore, this study describing the methods and techniques that small hotel implements from the marketing perspective in order to promote their accommodations as an agro tourism destination.