Business plan for a spa -salon enterprise in Paphos

Michael, Kalliopi (2014)


Entrepreneurship is the activity which identifies, develops and carried out an innovative idea, a business Chance or much more simply a better way to produce something. For a new business that wants to get into any sector, the principle can be decisive for the future course. The company was chosen for this business plan is an SME “The Quick spa-salon”. The Quick spa is a new business that wants to compete largely the existing businesses. The logic of a desired approach customers to increase profits, decided to prepare a business plan which contemplates the company and its environment, and make recommendations in this regard. The implementation of business planning is a new, free-to-use tool that has been developed to help businesses plan and utilize the benefits arising from the use of business plan. The business plan has established itself internationally as an essential tool in the design process of a new business. This configuration, therefore, a business plan must be based on a clearly defined strategic framework that follows through the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment and the opportunities and threats arising from the external environment. The exact content of the business plan for any business should be adapted according to the needs and peculiarities. These basic steps to be followed in formulating a business plan is to define the business objectives, define the actions that should be implemented to achieve the operational objectives, identification of required resources and financing sources and an assessment of the anticipated effects of more on the future financial results of the company