ELA Sushi LTD: Business Plan 2013-2017: Introducing a start up investment in fast food industry

Komodromos, Savvas (2012)

The purpose of this business plan is to raise a bank loan for € 1 03.700 for the development of a chain of Sushi take away restaurants while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next five years. The "Ela Sushi Ltd" is a chain of sushi take away restaurants located in three different towns of Cyprus in strategic locations. The restaurants will provide a combination of excellent food choices from Japanese cuisine at value pricing, with fun packaging and atmosphere. Delivering service will also be available in a certain distance from each restaurant. Advanced software will be used offering the option to customers ordering through the intern et or by phone. Technology is very important to the success of Ela Sushi Ltd, as customers experience no delay in the ordering process. The software will also assist management in decision making, through reporting and analyzing customer preferences, actual sales and costs. The take away restaurants will be designed and formed as simple and economically as possible and will carry exactly the same equipment, the same internal layout and same external appearance. The prime purpose of the company is to generate profit by providing superb customer services and unique options of food. We aim to be leaders in providing quality food items that fit into a balanced diet. Our aim is to provide delicious and unique tastes from Japanese cuisine that the customers have never tasted before. We will implement marketing campaigns to effectively target the fast food market of Cyprus and overcome competition which consists of fast food and Japanese cuisine restaurants. We expect an expansion of our Company after the first five years of operation, by increasing our locations to cover the whole area of Cyprus. We seek to create a strong database of customers and generate significant profits. By the sixth year of operation we will create a strong number of take away points and we expect to franchise for further expansion. Profits will be retained in the company to cover this expansion and until settlement of the initial loan. We expect to give dividends after the fifth year of operation.