Leadership in Engineering Management In Cyprus

Erodotou, Odysseas (2016)


Nowadays, where markets are becoming extremely demanding and competitive there is a need for project success. What is more, there is a need for someone who will be able to lead the process of the project, a leader, a project manager or someone special with the most appropriate skills. The main purpose of this research is to addresses the importance and key role of leadership in project management. Some of the objectives of this thesis are to define the leadership styles in construction projects and to explore successful methodologies for project management. Especially, factors, such as time, budget and quality will be discussed. Importantly, another aim of this dissertation is to appraise the involvement degree of young engineers on project management. More especially, the below research questions will be tested:  Do project managers need to have leadership qualifications?  Do project managers in Cyprus have leadership qualifications?  Which leadership style is employed in engineering companies in Cyprus?  Do project managers in Cyprus use a specific project management methodology?  Who can be a successful leader/ project manager? What are the skills for a successful leader/project manager?  Are young engineers involved in project management? The research methodology used in this thesis consists of two parts: the literature review, which is the theoretical section and the questionnaires analysis which is the empirical section. The theoretical research focused on a considerable amount of background knowledge from books and academic journals, focusing on successful project management and leadership styles. However, the major research is then based on questionnaire analysis. The people answered the questionnaires included project managers, leaders and employees in the engineering industry. The most important findings of the study include the following: 1. The relationship between project management and young engineers involvement is positive and significant. 2. The owner of the company is usually the project manager and the leader as well. 3. There is not a specific project management methodology on engineering project management. 4. Leadership is necessary on project management and a key factor for project success. 5. Training is important for people who wish to become a successful leader. 6. Although leaders haven’t been trained on leadership subjects their leadership actions are characterized by the initiating structure and consideration leadership style. 7. Successful conflict management styles are established in the majority of tested companies 8. Engineers are lucking innovation and productivity This research will provide a clearer understanding of the concept of successful project management and leadership in projects. Finally, the study concludes with recommendations for future research especially for young engineers involved in such projects.