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  • The M2-competition: A real-time judgmentally based forecasting study 

    Makridakis, Spyros; Chatfield, Chris; Hibon, Michele; Lawrence, Michael; Mills, Terence; Ord, Keith; Simmons, LeRoy F. (Elsevier, 1993)
    The purpose of the M2-Competition is to determine the post sample accuracy of various forecasting methods. It is an empirical study organized in such a way as to avoid the major criticism of the M-Competition that forecasters ...

  • The M3-Competition: results, conclusions and implications 

    Makridakis, Spyros; Hibon, Michele (Elsevier, 2000)
    This paper describes the M3-Competition, the latest of the M-Competitions. It explains the reasons for conducting the competition and summarizes its results and conclusions. In addition, the paper compares such results / ...

  • Machine Learning Applications for Accounting Disclosure and Fraud Detection 

    Passas, Ioannis N.; Garefalakis, Alexandros; Lemonakis, Christos; Zopounidis, Constantin; Chimonaki, Christianna (IGI Global, 2020-10)
    Description: The prediction of the valuation of the “quality” of firm accounting disclosure is an emerging economic problem that has not been adequately analyzed in the relevant economic literature. While there are a ...

  • Making sense of inclusion for leadership and schooling: a case study from Cyprus 

    Angelides, Panayiotis; Antoniou, Eleni; Charalambous, Constantia (Routledge, 2010)
    The idea of inclusive education has featured very highly in the educational priorities of many countries. Our involvement with the literature that relates to inclusion leads to the conclusion that, if we are interested ...

  • Management in the 21st Century 

    Makridakis, Spyros (Elsevier, 1989)
    This paper predicts the type of business firms and managers most likely to emerge in the 21st century. The forecasts are based on rational principles which avoid the common mistakes made in the past by long-term ...

  • Management of time , a New Responsibility for Executives 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Bureau of Business Research, 1971)
    In the complex business environment that exists today, executive responsibility can no longer be allocated only to the limited traditional administrative resources: manpower, money, materials, and market behavior.

  • Managing the establishment of Business Continuity Planning by Greek SMEs: can it safeguard strategic viability of courier services during turbulent times? 

    Ballas, Panagiotis; Garefalakis, Alexandros; Toudas, Kanellos; Spinthiropoulos, Konstantinos; Zisopoulos, Athanasios (CJEAS Ltd.; Production Faculty of Management Press, University of Warsaw, 2019-12)
    The aim of Business Continuity Management (BCM) is to manage risks that impact on the normal operation of an organization maintaining enterprise and operational continuity. Contemporary business environment is so erratic ...

  • Mapping Plan for Continuous Improvement of Subject Assessment in Higher Education 

    Politis, John D. (Charles Darwin University, 2015-07)
    This project includes an evaluation plan of the HRM (code No: PRBM021) assessment strategy and the feedback mechanisms employed for the assessment strategy. It also discusses the effectiveness of online learning platform ...

  • Market Reaction to IAS/IFRS: Evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange 

    Maggina, Anastasia; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (2011)
    The capital market effects of IAS/IFRS have been examined in the international literature and have indicated that the effects are significant. In the contrary, evidence drawn from the Athens Stock Exchange indicates that ...

  • A Market Risk Model for Asymmetric Distributed Series of Return 

    Giannopoulos, Kostas; Nekhili, Ramzi (2012)
    In this paper we propose to model short-term interest rates by taking into consideration both the asymmetric properties of returns, using Pearson’s type IV distribution, and the time-varying volatility, using GARCH models. ...

  • Measuring Economic Development and the Impact of Economic Globalisation 

    Roukanas, Spyros (Sciendo, 2020-01)
    The aim of this article is to measure economic development and the impact of economic globalisation under the prism of global political economy. Global political economy is a field of study that has its roots in ...

  • A Meta-Analysis on Export Promotion Programs: New Outcomes 

    Coudounaris, Dafnis N. (Springer International Publishing, 2016)
    Since the economic crisis of 2008 the situation in Europe has worsen, leading small export companies to close down due to the depression, while governments cut their budgets. As a result, export promotion programs (EPPs) ...

  • Metaforecasting: Ways of improving forecasting accuracy and usefulness 

    Makridakis, Spyros (Elsevier, 1988)
    Forecasting has a long history. An understanding of such history coupled with the study of the empirical evidence can provide invaluable information for improving the accuracy and usefulness of predictions. Statistical ...

  • Metastrategy: Learning and avoiding past mistakes 

    Makridakis, Spyros (Elsevier, 1997)
    Lately there has been a renewed interest in strategic planning after more than a decade of focusing on operational concerns such as total quality, downsizing, benchmarking and reengineering. Will strategic planning provide ...

  • The modernization of State as a Condition for Development and Investments' Attraction 

    Athanasopoulos, Constantinos GE. (Κέντρο Επιμόρφωσης Μελετών Έρευνας και Ανάπτυξης, 2007)
    It is generally accepted that private productive in vestments constitute a valuable reinforcement for every economy and especially for the economies of small countries, countries which suffer from public burdens (loans ...

  • The Modified Contingent Valuation Method for Evaluating the Willingness of the Citizenry to Participate in Excavation and the Restoration of the Ancient Theatre of Lefkada 

    Kopsidas, Odysseas; Hadjixenofontos, Andreas (David Publishing, 2016)
    This proposed project is not viable in profitable terms to private enterprise, so it applied a modified version of the CVM (Contingent Valuation Method) to realize this project. A survey was conducted in Lefkada Island ...

  • Morphogenesis and Management: Some Implications 

    Makridakis, Spyros; Faucheaux, C. (The World Organisation of General Systems and Cybernetics, 1978)
    The main purpose of the paper will be to look at the influence of a change in perspective (namely, getting away from the input/output model) on social systems. in general, and management ones, more specifically. The ...

  • Multiple regression: chapter 9 

    Makridakis, Spyros; Wheelright, Steven (Wiley, John & Sons, 1989)
    In Chapter 8 simple regression and correlation were introduced and discussed. In simple regression the basic proposition is that an independent variable can be used to predict the value of some dependent variable (the ...

  • Narrative disclosure guidelines for CARs:an operational-based tool 

    Garefalakis, Alexandros; Sariannidis, Nikolaos; Lemonakis, Christos (Springer Verlag, 2020-08-31)
    Management Commentary Index (Ma.Co.I) is a composite measuring index developed for the detailed evaluation of narrative disclosure quality, as this has been delineated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board—FASB and ...

  • National Culture Underpins Individual Behaviour and Work-Related-Values: The importance of nationality 

    Papademetriou, Christos; Masouras, Andreas (2014)
    This analysis is devoted to the national culture and its linkage with individual behaviour and work-related values. The authors will investigate into what extent the national culture underpins individual behaviour.